Payment Agreement

The payment done by you won’t be refunded in no circumstances. As a result of your payment, if the service is not provided because of some technical problems or there are service interruptions, the date of providing service will be moved or be extended according to not served days. If the announcement is prohibited by the Website, the administration of the Website will remove it without the obligation to refund. There must be noted the cost of the period for each provided service.


This user’s agreement introduction is obligatory before using the resource by physical and legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. Becoming user, you accept the terms of this agreement. These rules are applied to all users of the Website and are active without time limit. If the user does not agree with the rules, then he has the right not to use the services provided by the Website.  The use or registration in the Website is itself an agreement to the rules.



  1. General Options is an internet resource, which represents a panel for posting announcements free of charge in various groups in all regions of Armenia. The user is an individual person, an organization or an individual entrepreneur who wishes to use this Internet resource. gives an opportunity to the users to post free announcements about goods or services for the purposes of selling them to the other users under the conditions specified in this Agreement.


You are responsible for your announcement content on the Website While posting an announcement you acknowledge that you have all necessary permits and rights to do so, and you are notified that you bear full responsibility for infringing the rules. In case of the necessity to remove the announcement / including, but not limited the sale of goods, to be rented and / or to terminate provided services / you are responsible to remove the announcement by yourself.


You are obliged not to take any action, which may interrupt the normal functioning of the Website, do not use automated programs to access the Website. is obliged to exert all possible efforts to ensure the normal functioning of the Website. At any time has the right to make changes in functioning of the Website, in exterior appearance and in this agreement without prior notice or consent. At any time can require an identification document for verifying the authenticity of the user. In case of not submitting the required documents in a certain period of time, the Website has the right to remove the user's page without precaution.


Attention: It is prohibited to publish announcements of products withdrawn from the circulation by the Armenian Legislation.


All transactions between users are signed up directly. is not responsible for the Website links, for placing free access information, is not a party to transaction, therefore "The law on the Protection of the Users' Rights'' does not apply to this resource.


In case of infringing certain points of this Agreement by the users, administration has the right to block access to the posted information, delete / remove announcements and their personal page.




  1. Rules on Posting Announcements


Only registered users can post announcements. The announcements must be posted for certain goods or services in the section defined by the Website. The photos in the announcement must comply with the content. Each announcement may contain information on only one product or service.


The registration must indicate the following parameters:


-Email / login is used to sign in /;


- Real name / is used as a contact person during the connect /;


- Selected password/;


- Telephone number / contact to connect /;


The user is obliged to post announcements according to the instructions. He is also obliged to present full information on product and service and sale conditions.


2.1. It is prohibited to post announcement in the following content.


- Products and services prohibited for sale according to Armenian Legislation;


- Confidential or information on the third parties without the consent of those persons;


- Infringe on the copyrights of the third party;


- Announcements containing numerous grammatical and punctuation errors, as well as incorrect keyboard usage / missing or extra spaces, common words written in capital letters / and other language usage errors;


- Obscene and pornographic content;


- Improper and / or abusive towards staff or other users;


- Announcements containing religious, ethnic, racial or sexual discrimination appeals;


- Announcements containing violence and calls for illegal actions;


- Announcements on erotic or pornographic services;


- Posting announcements of products or services which publication is prohibited by law or requires permission;


- Posting announcements aimed to other Websites’ advertising and / or support:


- Share announcement on non-existent goods or services;


- Posting other Websites’ links;


- Malicious software, viruses, links, spam;


-Announcements containing payable and/or payable call forwarding phone numbers.



It is prohibited to re-register in the Website, to create several personal pages for one user, as well as to post announcements containing similar suggestions and pictures.


In case of discovering such an announcement the administration will remove it without explanation, and in case of double infringe they will finally block the User's Profile.


Attention: Administration is not correcting the mistakes.




  1. The Limitation of Liability is not a party to the transaction, does not verify the authenticity of information posted by the User, and accordingly, is not responsible for the completion of transactions and for possible damage caused by one user to another while its implementation. does not guarantee the absence of mistakes, inaccuracies, interruptions of the Website, as well as the absence of viruses in the links and resources posted by the users.



  1. Confidentiality


The information received from another user by, you agree and are obliged to use solely for the purposes for which it is provided by the Website. If you do not have the user’s agreement, then you may not publish, sell or otherwise share the information to other users, or use them for advertising or for other purposes, except for cases stipulated by the Legislation. Your data provided during registration on the Website, the administration uses it to get in contact with you, as well as to make connection between the Seller and Buyer. Your e-mail address and password is confidential and is not provided to the third party, except for cases stipulated by the Legislation.



Description of Paid Services

There are 4 types of paid services on the Website:


  1. Announcement on the home page.

The announcements posted on the home page are in the section of "Best Offers" which are updated randomly.


  1. Announcement expressed in color display.

The announcement is singled out in a color variety.


  1. Announcement in a circle.

The announcement is singled out by circle.


  1. "Urgent" note on the announcement.

The announcement is singled out by the note "Urgent".


Paid services provide the most possible number of views for your announcement, but it does not guarantee a result for your announcement.


It is possible to select more than one or all services simultaneously.


Each service costs 1,000 / one thousand / AMD, including taxes.


Service duration is 10 days.


The amount of activated service is immediately charged from your account.


If the balance of your account is insufficient or is zero, the amount won't be charged and the services won't be activated.


If your announcement does not comply with the Website requirements, the administration has the right to remove it without the obligation to return money paid for the service.