How much it costs to put announcements on ?

It's free to put announcements on . However, there are paid services available for announcements promotion.


How long is the retention time of the announcement?

The retention time of announcements is 120 days starting from the date it is posted.


How often can I place announcements?

There are no restrictions on the quantity of announcements on


How to place an announcement on ?

In order to place an announcement log in or enter your own page. Thereafter click on the button “Add announcements” at the top of the right corner. You will go to announcement creation page. Here you may choose your product category and thoroughly fill in all fields. Take into consideration, the more detailed and full information and images You provide about the product the more it will be interesting for buyers.



How can I change the existing announcement?

You may change or edit the existing announcement on your own page.


Enter the website, click on “My Freezone” at the top. Click on “My announcements” on the page opened.


Here You will find the announcements placed by You. Beneath each announcement you will find “Edit” button and clicking on it you will go to the editing page.



How to promote the announcement?

Click on “Promotion” on Your announcement page. Afterwards, You may select the option for promotion.



We offer the following promotion options:



  • - Show the announcement on home page
  • - Display the announcement in color
  • - Display the announcement within a circle
  • - Post “high-priority” on the announcement




May I place advertising materials on

Yes. You may find detailed information here. As well as, You can contact us at the following phone numbers or e-mail:


Tel.: + 374 55787041



Why have my announcements been removed? reserves the right to remove any announcement without any explanation that does not comply with the rules of website use. For getting to know the rules, please, visit this link.


Can I use the site by mobile phone?

Yes, Freezone is available for computers and phones.


If You use iPhone or iPad You may download the relevant supplement here. If You use Android phone or tablet You may download the relevant supplement here.


I cannot enter my own page.

Probably, You have entered incorrect e-mail address or password.


If You have forgotten Your password, You may use the password reset feature.